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Originally Posted by bigup View Post
Bigup checking in

Crazy day of driving yesterday - most intersections were pure ice, I had a hard time pulling away even with Blizzaks and a VERY light foot! Once moving, no real problems, the rear likes to move out, but it's easy enough to keep in check.

Then I got stuck in my back lane, but managed to wiggle it free and finally into my garage. After that, I went to rescue another 3-series down the lane who was stuck as well (took three of us to push him out - lol). Crazy stuff.

Today was much better. Roll on summer! I think I'll get a beater Land Rover or something for next winter. This car is great, but I'm too worried some suicide mother in a minivan will collide with me on the ice.

Lots of mods planned for 2011 .. I'm stock now (except a BMS drop-in and ACS roof spoiler).. black VMR V713s, NT05, JB4, and a aero lip are on my list for early spring to celebrate my first year of BMW ownership.

Calgary has defs been crazy the last couple's clearing up now which is nice. I'm also very paranoid that someones gunna slide into me but at the end of the day there's not much that can be done....u just gotta drive carefully yourself keep an eye on other drivers comin up behind you and hope nothing happens
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