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Mach V Dan's E90 335i dyno results

I though I'd start a thread here in Mid-Atlantic that'll keep my dyno results as I mod our shop 335i. I'll update this thread when I have new numbers.

Some of you saw my car on the dyno at my shop back in January. Since then I added a Cobb AccessPort. Here's the results of that initial (bone stock) baseline, and then with the AccessPort Stage 1 map.

Notes: Conditions were 68 F, 7% humidity for the AP run. 60 F, 11% humidity for the baseline run. The red AP run starts later because I didn't get on the gas until 2000 RPM.

I do have AccessPorts in stock at the shop, by the way.

We just put downpipes on the car, and I should have some more numbers up tomorrow.


Here's the results with downpipes. No change to the Cobb Stage 1 ECU mapping. Note that this graph is SAE corrected. I was getting too confused trying to list out all the weather details, so I'm just going to list the numbers SAE corrected from here on out... Correction factor was 0.98 for stock, 0.96 for Stage 1 (no downpipes), 0.97 for Stage 1 with downpipes.

Max gain from the downpipes: 12.5 whp, 10.3 ft-lbs.


We installed a CP-E intercooler upgrade. No other changes from before.

Max gain from the FMIC: 15.19 whp, 20.95 ft-lbs.

We actually got 390 ft-lbs of torque running the car in fifth gear, but I don't have all-comparable fifth gears pulls from the other mod stages, so I didn't plot those...

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