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Originally Posted by 335diesel View Post
I'd rather have good handling and less power.

Ford Puma, last shape MR2, MX5, 106 GTi, Elise, etc - low power but LOADS of fun.
Most recent fast Audis apart from the RS4 and R8 - spoilt by dull dynamics, naff steering and snatchy brakes.
Not entirely correct and not my experience in the TTS. Dynamically it's exciting to drive quickly. Whilst not being as well balanced as the Caymen S, it's a sharp instrument when you know how to use it. Steering is over light at low speed, but weighs up nicely at higher speeds. Not quite as much feedback as the BMW but not numb. Brakes are linear and well set up. E92's were sharper. Quattro is superb. Helen is correct about the speed though...easy to get there without being aware until you get used to it.