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BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Roadster Concept

Here it is: BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

What you see before you is the new concept car that will debut at the Geneva Autoshow in about a month from now. The car itself falls into the lineup of "Vision" concept cars, joining its stablemate the Vision EfficientDynamics.

This car is a two seat BMW roadster with styling language that is certainly a mix of the design themes people saw under both Chris Bangle and now under Adrian van Hooydonk. The car aims to highlight some design themes that we have already begun to see in cars such as the 6-series and the upcoming F20 1-Series, such as the forward leaning 'shark' nose, very sharp and edgy lines and sculpted body lines. Pay careful attention to the headlamps and taillights, these seem to be the most production indicative features of this car and I would not be surprised to see near identical replicas on the VisionED or other production BMWs in the future.

The real key to this car lay in its name: Vision ConnectedDrive. The aim here is to highlight BMW's ConnectedDrive technologies that will power the user experience on the production Vision ED car and the Megacity Vehicle. The system is a highly driver focused setup that aims to make the car an integral part of the 'connected world we live in' -- translation: internet.

What BMW have done for now is release images of the car including its interior/infotainment system, but expect to see more information about the actual ConnectedDrive system used in this concept roadster soon.

Without further ado:

Vision ConnectedDrive Story

Unveil Video

BMW Vision Roadster ConnectedDrive

Our show photos: