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Originally Posted by Wookie420 View Post
I'm pretty sure he used 3rd would that affect the numbers?

No, I didn't want to risk going up to map 7...
I've never used a Mustang Dyno other than Cobb's, but I am used to the practices required on a Dynojet. The calibration process on Cobb's dyno accounts for more variances but I have some doubts with the degree of accuracy if the RPM calibration isn't done right.

I noticed the operator at the Cobb Plano facility doesn't use the ignition pickup wire to input RPM. They do a manual calibration by trying to match the vehicle speed with the estimated RPM window on the dyno display, then lock it in. I want to think the dyno is expecting a 1:1 transmission ratio to eliminate another source of torque multiplication before the drive axle so it can properly match the roller (road) speed with the RPM plot on the dyno display.

My dyno pulls at Cobb were done in 4th gear. Tune only, it put down 311/384 with a pretty well heatsoaked intercooler. I see where one of the guys in the Turbo forum gained an additional 45HP at 6500 RPM on the AccessPORT stage1 map after adding a 5" ETS intercooler. He was even using a paper air filter on the stock intake box. It seems the Cobb tune has a little more room in the timing table at higher RPMs but most cars need a bigger intercooler to achieve full ignition advance.

I assumed Map 7 was safe for pump gas and meets boost targets that are more similar to the Cobb Stage 1 tune.