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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
actually if you have been reading m5 owners are getting spanked by e55 e63 cls 55 cls63 cl55 cl63 s55 and soon to be s63 ....the torque allows for power throughout the power band...i another note i couldn't even keep up with a 335 in the s55 cause of how nimble it is...mercs are great in a straight line but weaving in and out of traffic better suits a small car...but if there was no traffic and i could just gunn it no 335 with a procede or not could catch me....the s55's torque is crazy powerful!!!! people are getting 4.1 0-60 and late 11's on the quartes in the s600 which is supposed to be slower than a 63 or's crazy just wish AMG's could handle as well as they pull and there steering was as good as bmw....there would be no competition for merc then they would own...but i gotta say i see a hell of a lot more cls, cl, s, and e class amg's than i see m5's and m6''s big mistake was making the car solely for the smg...what car company offers just the shitty smg even though europe loves it america hates it...then they come out with an even crappier 6sp and it is soooo crappy cause the car was never designed for it in the first place....i am shocked at how shitty the m5 is and how the options for it in terms of trani's suck ass.... no one want's to get there ass handed to them by a merc and in the s55 which is an 03' i rock the shit out of them on the highway, where 90% of the owners have fun with there car...on a track the m5 hands down will kill an amg but damn do they suck in a straight line comparison....i know europe loves the smg and it suites there mountainous driving style more but here in most parts of the US where people own m5's and amg's they aren't concerned with the car beating the merc on a track...they care about real life and comfort and the amg's just kill the m's for that reason....all this talk aout 420 hp and only 289 torque in the new m3....the new merc is gonna have aroung 480 in both the clk has i believe more than 500ft/lbs of torque at least 480...this will make it suck ass on a track cause it will just keep pealing out after a turn which is why bmw relies more on revs and hp to make power than torque....hence why the bmw will win on a track and the merc on the highway