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Originally Posted by E90ice View Post
I don't understand why there is all this talk about the torque?

How does it help?

E60 M5 500hp and 386 torque:

0-60 - 4.5 sec
1/4 mile - 12.3

E55 AMG 500 hp and 517 torque:
0-60 - 4.5 sec
1/4 mile - 12.4 (Road & Track)

The M5 is just as fast with much less torque than the E55.

So, why alll this talk about the torque? Not trying to flame anything or anyone...just wondering....
Firstly E55's have 469HP not 500 only the E63 has 500hp. Secondly the M5 has a 7-speed transmission and the E55 has 5-speeds.All that tourqe you really feel from a low speed roll more then anything.I used to have CL55 and it had 500hp and 516tq and the inertia you feel pushing you back is more intense then in an M5