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Reverse retrofit?

I just finished installing my passenger door mirror and have a few questions. I have an 06 330i e90 w/o auto dim or auto fold but I have the cold weather package. My first question is do I have heated mirrors? Every search pretty much clumps auto fold, dim, heated mirrors etc. together so I just assumed I didn't. (ps I live in tx and the only time my car has seen snow was superbowl weekend and I can't remember if they were icy or not) Anyway a buddy of mine hooked me up with a side mirror less the glass for basically nothing but the only problem was that it was auto fold. I'm so tired of looking for this crap so I decided as long as I have a mirror I'm fine so I installed it. It was folded in so I was worried at first but the second I turned my car on it folded out! The controls worked but it didn't tilt down in reverse. I read that you can retrofit these mirrors but haven't found a clear diy that doesn't require 10 new parts and gutting your car (however I am interested on how it folded out..I keep reading about coding etc but I literally plugged it in and it folded it just made to do that when initially plugged into anything?) So now I ask can you reverse retrofit? I don't know if that's what you call it but the mirror has a 4 pin connector and the glass I have was connected by 2 single line pins (I'm assuming this is for the heat?) Surely 2 of the pins are for heat so does anybody know which ones? I'm on my phone now but I'll upload pics soon