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Originally Posted by WinoGregorio View Post
What about the part numbers for the hard parts like MULF and hub? What else is needed to add this capability?
The HUB is there in the parts , the MULF has several different part numbers over the years, look on REALOEM or I got mine from a guy in the UK on Ebay. Just make sure its a MULF High or ULF-SBX-H with the most connectors. The first one I picked up is missing the USB connectors and is only useful for Bluetooth. The only other items that are needed are some quality wire for power and a length of 3 pin shielded wire (4 total connections) to go from the socket to the Mulf. Above is the list of items I needed to order from BMW to get this to work. If you do not have a TCU then you also need a bracket 65-15-9-135-687. I have one of these cheap if someone wants to make an offer