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Originally Posted by jinjur View Post

Not once did I contest that Clio's are shit, in fact, I would whole heartedly agree on that point. Actually, I would probably steer towards wet, fresh, curdled "Sh1t"

The fact remains that they are superior in at least 27 ways to BMW's and you are going to have to accept that or else make a post resembling that of a human with at least the slightest bit of wit.

Or, just post "Clios are ______" surrounded by "!" and then a choice of your favourite emoticon.

You can just fill in the blank there and copy/past it back in here.

What variant of E92 is yours, obviously not a 335 as you would have it pasted 12 times in your profile and have an avatar of yourself in compromising positions with it.

You have only posted once in this thread leading me to believe you drive a 320d.

Have a nice day

x o

LMAO you are one of the funniest guy's i've ever come across in all the different forum's i've been in. This thread is so amusing to read and you're comment's made me laugh. Also some thing's you mention are so true like having 335 pasted all over my profile if i had one lmao.