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The dash warning mystery... 330i

I have a 2006 E90 330i 4 door w/sports pkg/prem pkg and 40k miles - I'm running Blizzaks Runflats in slippery weather with OEM wheels

Today, when starting my car... the Traction Control, Low Tire Pressure and Brake lights came on (all green in color)

I stopped and restarted the car. The previous warnings were gone, but then the airbag sensor came on and stayed on (red in color.) Even after restarts, the airbag light is on.

The mystery is this: WHY did those other lights come on ... it was not coincidence. BTW, my ABS, DCT and Air pressure are all fine.

(I have not read faults or taken the car in yet. Airbag light still on.)

Thanks all...!