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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
When you have been doing this for over a decade, the claims are funny.

You should do your research and find a tune that actually has control over fueling, boost, and ignition. The fact that you are maf, will make "interesting" for the piggy backs, as maf cars generally run better on flashed tunes. Map cars like the n54, are much more forgiving.

There is nothing personal btwn me and terry, however there is something personal btwn what people think the tune does and what it actually does. If you are happy with your results, stick with it, personally i think that is laughable.
I appreciate an actual response to my post, that is why we have the forums. I usually keep the shenanigans to OT, however.

I did debate between procede and bms. I know it might not make sense to most people but one of the deciding factors was the way Shiv acts and the cult like following of people he has. Call me dumb for making that a factor in my decision but seeing some of the posts/threads in here has kept me away from procede, and im sure it has done the same for others.