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Originally Posted by joyride View Post
So why don't you run the cPE standback? It allows you to do what you want with the tune.

And as far as asking others about you? I simply don't care, i know a whole lot of tuners who i respect in this industry, and none of them have attitudes like you. And that my friend says volumes
Because they won't make the changes I requested so I am not using it. Pretty simple.

The problem is that the tunesr you know, get paid, I do this as a hobby and could careless if I piss off people or not. I don't do this for money, cause frankly theres no money in this industry lol. Once ATR is out, there will be a giant thread like on every other platform, and the people who know what they are doing will start making some incredible tunes...for free, followed by open ecu. The end. Its how the world simply works.