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As a point of reference I am posting my dyno graphs from my pulls today along with FDfranklin's original graphs. These were done at the same dyno, same day, and within an hour of each other. This should be a good representation of a stock baseline. I am completely stock and the only real difference between the two cars other than the obvious tune is he is a manual and I have a DCT.

So we are looking at a gain of 20-25 hp and 50-60 TQ. For around $400 I think those are some good gains! Its a shame that the N55 has that TQ dip anomaly on the dyno, it skews the results. If that dip in torque wasn't there we would probably see some even better numbers. I believe that dip is a dyno abnormality and does not happen in real world street conditions.

First graph is mine second is the OP.
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