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Originally Posted by djsolution View Post
Just did this job using ENTITY's write up. Just wanted to say thanks for a great writeup! Super detailed, everything went smoothly... except one thing. When removing and reinstalling the blower motor into it's housing ENTITY's directions of counter-clockwise for removal and clockwise for installation are backwards. I managed to remove the motor turning it counter-clockwise using he-man strength (and mangling the tabs in the process). When I went to install the new motor no amount of ham-fisted wrestling would get that thing to turn clockwise. When I looked at the slant on the tabs they were wedged toward the counter-clockwise direction (if that makes sense). Tried screwing it that way and it went in no problem. So to summarize:

Remove old blower motor clockwise
Install new motor counter-clockwise
Now you're just pissing me off (JK'ing) because I'll have to now go back in and look at it! I'm trying to visualize it in my mind after almost two months after making the repair. I swear it loosens counter clockwise when you are looking up at it when you are on your back and your right shoulder is next to the transmission tunnel.