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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
man when they say your performance will drop with this diet they really mean it. doing a 4 mile run feels more like 10 miles.
It's one of those things that takes some adjustment on your body's part. The movement from carbohydrates to fats for energy takes about 3-5 weeks depending on how strict you are. Especially if you are doing endurance low intensity cardio like a 4 mile run.

Have you started doing the crossfit WOD's? Try perhaps high intensity interval workouts that are less distance and more intense. For instance here's a good one I like.

3 rounds as fast as possible

500meter row
12 Body Weight Deadlifts
21 20" Box Jumps

Scaling (if you can't do these exercises with perscribed (Rx) weights) scaled to 60-70% of Body weight for Dead lifts and Step ups onto the box instead of Box jumps.

Still keep good form and perform the workout as fast as possible (keep you time and record it).
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