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making his own parts.

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ya that would be pretty cool. after all this im actually thinking of just fixing the car and selling it. i did a lot of research bout this problem and a lot of people think it could be because of engine sludge and when the weather gets colder and you using 15k miles old sythetic oil it can gam things up.

i still dont know what exactly is broken yet until they open it.

from the error codes the magnetic wheel and the eccentric shaft are the only errors so far. and that is keeping the valves close during start up.

if any one knows any good indy shops in socal for major engine repair that would be helpful because the dealer will probably want to over charge me as usual
Oh didn't realize you were local. check out
I was considering this place before I got comfortable working on BMW's (I built Honda motors and luckily they use the same tools)
but check them out.

if your at all mechanically inclined, i was studying the N52 head, it looks like you might be able to access the eccentric shaft with out taking off the timing chain.

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take the valve cover off and give it a shot, pm me if you need any assistance.

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