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Originally Posted by silverbmwz3 View Post
Knocking an iPod interface off your options for the sake of a $40 cable seems a bit like "cutting your nose off to spite your face". I agree it should be included for that money but dropping the option because they were going to charge seems a bit excessive.
This is a completely bespoke cable though.

Does anyone know if USB connector that comes with the ipod will work and provide the appropriate functionality?

If it does then the argument would be that this could be used with a phono cable from the headphone port to the aux input.

The problem is that you don't get line out sound quality this way.

The only alternative to the BMW cable would be the sendstation pocket dock which provides a USB out AND a line out.

I'm pretty sure that the 6fl must put the IPOD in hard disk mode so the head unit reads the library and playlist information directly of the IPOD's hard drive.

This would also explain why it is not a retro-fit option. The head unit is essentially browsing a hard drive .....

This being the case, any cable SHOULD work, but it would be interesting to know if the standard ipod USB cable does the job.