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Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
Perhaps being gay would still trump whatever positive opinions you have about this color. The British have certainly caught on enough to write an article about it. Your rebuttal is something, something, blah, blah, laced with a little homophobia?

Juvenile... Is all I can say.

I am CERTAIN that it is able to be proven scientifically, that this color (at least in photoshop) has the most camouflaging / blending characteristic numerically. (I'd love to see your study on this) Want to guess what the three colors are in the current Army Combat Uniform? Gray, green, and tan. Congratulations, Artic Metallic has 66% (33% if you're refering only to 'gray' How To) of a camouflage pattern. MAYBE, and that's a big MAYBE, it looks stunning in person. I highly doubt it.

So, here I reiterate again: anyone with half a color-receptive eye can tell that the color blends in with the pavement, the concrete, the gray sky, and so on. I'm not telling people to buy blue, I'm just saying don't get into accidents by buying a color that shows up least in mirrors. Yes, gray gets lost in the human eye.; it's been studied. (The most technically accurate definition of color is: "Color is the visual effect that is caused by the spectral composition of the light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by objects." It does not get "lost" in our eye. How we see color) You think people give a fuck if it has "oh so many layers?" No. To the general public, it's gray(Gray, lots of variants, even to my human eye). Period.

At least I have something constructively negative about this color (I agree, very negative, but disagree, not constructive.). I don't go around just dropping bombs about how something sucks.
I'm bias, it's the color of my car, and yes, it is pretty stunning... comments in red