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Exclamation Front Suspension Issue? e90 325i

I own a 2006 325i with stock rims, non-sport, and i have been looking for issues that may fix the problems i'm getting. It's gotten to the point where i hate driving my car and feels unsafe.

Slow steering response at low speeds
Constantly having to fix the wheel after bumps
Slight Road wonder on flats/highway is worse than uneven road/backroads
Cold start, turning the wheel there is noise coming from engine bay
and going over bumps are getting louder than they used to.
Also feels rear may "influence" the problem a little bit.
Feels like a rubber band, you feel the sway links stop the body roll, but then in the turn, it feels like it lets go slowly, like pulling on a rubber band. u still feel that resistance? (not sure if thats understandable.)

Had taken it to dealer twice before asking them to look for this problem, reason being. They do a component inspection in suspension and steering, on the paper it was all checked OK, in spec.

-After asking my SA to have them check, nothing was found, everything was "tight" in the suspension, and whoever did the check said it drives like a normal e90 3 series.

Maybe some suggestions for this wednesday, (having a airbag sensor tripping and they are finally replacing a part after having the light turned off 4 times in 2 months.) Any help would be great!!!