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Originally Posted by sennett0r View Post
Ok now that I have the paper in front of me.

The Residual Factor is 57%.
The Money Factor is 1.35

The MSRP for this quote was $51,775.00

The Total Capitalized Cost (selling price) is $48,705.00

Drive off is $2189.84
Monthly Payment is $701.02

For the same car without Navigation it was $675 monthly and $2140 drive-off.
Using your numbers I get a payment of $638.73 plus tax. Your payment and drive off seam within a reasonable range to me. Drive off is first month lease payment, bank fee, doc fee, tire fees ect.

If it were me, I would try to reduce the CAP fee a to $48K, look at the drive off fees (doc fees are negotiable, but bank fee of $725 is not) and if you wanted to lower your payment, look at Multiple Security Deposits (MSD's) to reduce your money factor/ interest rate and roll all your drive offs into the lease.

If that is too much work, then your deal in my opinion is reasonable Have fun driving. That is a sweet set up.
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