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Originally Posted by jjoseph7 View Post
I actually just switched from the BB stereo gateway to this:

It as all the features of the BB gateway (a2dp streaming to aux), but also has:

-It's own aux-in, in case you want to quickly listen to a non-A2DP streaming device (such as someone else's ipod etc without having to first disconnect what's already plugged in)

-a USB port (plays music off of USB flash drives, or can be used for charging)

- an SD card reader (plays music off of SD cards)

It has an FM transmitter but obviously you won't be using it if you have an aux-in, you'll just connect it directly to the aux input via its 3.5mm output. It also can manage calls with its own mic, but again you dont have to use this and instead can pair with your BMW bluetooth to handle calls (what I do)
does it fit in the center console?