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It wasn't until I discovered this site that I learned that so many have anguished for what would surely seem an eternity waiting for their new E90s. I guess I hadn't really thought about it, and this is my first German car. But after my Lincoln LS (which was a great car -- until I drove a BMW) was T-boned in an intersection and wasn't repaired to my liking, I impulsively walked into the local BMW dealer, having never driven a BMW before -- and the rest is history. But the point of my thread is that I only had to wait one day for my car. Everything I wanted was on a lot 35 miles away. I purchased in late July. Is waiting for weeks and sometimes months the norm for these cars, or did I just get extremely lucky. I live in L.A.; so I know there's more saturation here, but I'd be interested to know how many walked in and had their cars in short order.
Being impulsive has drawbacks, but when I test drove that 330i, I knew right then and there I HAD to have one. Best impulse buy of my life -- so far.
Congratulations on your purchase! This was one great impulse buy for you, eh?

This is my first Bimmer also. I went in shopping for an '05 M3 with the Competition Package, which my dealer, Crevier in Santa Ana, had in the Silver Grey -- it was sweet. I had a deposit down on it, but I slept on it for one night and decided that, although I love and appreciate the M3, (a good friend of mine has one), I needed a more practical car at this point in time. So I called my salesperson and told him what, exactly, I wanted on my E90. He told me, "that's looks like it's going to be a special order." (Which it was).

I waited the 10 weeks and do not regret for a second my decision. I my E90. However, I've got my sights set on an '07 M3 Sedan when they come out (I love the four doors). Jeeez, when I was younger I wouldn't have even considered a sedan, only coupes. But now I'm the other way around. I gets that's what time can do to 'ya.

Anyway, you're very lucky that exactly what you wanted was "in the neighborhood," otherwise you would've had to wait, or sacrifice.

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