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Originally Posted by 07szim View Post
I own a 2006 325i with stock rims, non-sport, and i have been looking for issues that may fix the problems i'm getting. It's gotten to the point where i hate driving my car and feels unsafe.
I'm sticking to the suspension issues, because I can relate to your overall feeling, and a good technician can find & fix the non-suspension stuff.

Don't put too much stock in what the dealer tells you. There are good shops that specialize in BMWs all over the place. Find one. You need a good technician.

The problem with suspension compliance issues is that it can be almost anything, and it's often a little of everything. :-) When you turn the steering wheel, a soggy suspension can make the car feel unresponsive. Tires, bushings, and shocks can all contribute to a soggy feel.

- When you turn, initially the shocks resist the body roll. But once you're in a steady-state turn, the shocks stop resisting and it's the springs and swaybars that resist.

- The front shock mounts, rear subframe bushings, and rear shock mounts are known to be very soft. I find them unacceptable when brand new... if they're wearing out, they could be causing some or all of the problem you're having with wander and turn-in.

- The swaybar bushings, if they wear out will allow the swaybar to shift instead of resist. That can help cause a perception of sloppiness on initial turn-in.

- There are many other rubber pieces in the suspension that can wear out. These are attached to the control arms and links in the front and rear. A little compliance here and there can add up and an already soft car can feel really bad.

For reference: I have the performance suspension, which is two small steps up from yours in terms of stiffness, and my car has only 12K miles which is probably much less than yours. My car wanders very slightly on the highway too. My hypothesis is it's the rear, specifically the subframe bushings, that's causing the problem, but I haven't verified that yet.