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Originally Posted by beemerbird View Post
That's a tad contradictory saying about snobbery as no doubt part of the reason you bought the 320d is for the badge snobbery as maybe perceived by others.

Ok, maybe dilluting could be misconstrued, more like the general populous get used to seeing BMW's on the roads (many 320d's), that a degree of exclusivity may be lost. Or, you could argue that they are a victim of their own success which has its pros and cons as previously said.

One thing is for sure, BMW will continue to offer to the market 320d's in as many numbers as possible (especially fleet sales at discounted prices) as they are in the market for selling and making a profit and won't care how it may or may not affect private owners.

I personally think it's a lot of money to pay new for a car with a 2.0 diesel engine, however nearly new or second hand is different. But one thing I do not think of them is cheap, either figuratively or literally. However if anyone dares to start modding them in a tasteless fashion, then they will start to look common and cheap. Just the way I see it.

Sorry you are wrong to a degree, the reason I got a BMW is for the economy and overall reliability. BUT I confess I wanted to remain in a 'prestige' brand.

For what its worth I hate the 3 series coupe and all of the other models so I am not exactly a BMW nut.

All I am doing is highlighting posters on here taking it out on certain models in the range. Which creates an atmosphere of blatant snobbery.

It's one thing to be a badge snob but another being a specific range model snob all IMHO of course.

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