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This is going around in circles.

A quick bit of BMW history...

BMW made cheapish cars then went "upmarket" with almost all rapid and sporty models such as the E20 323i. They continued being a "prestige" brand until the decided to make the 3 series compact.

BMW saw how well their "low rent" models were selling so added more and more "mainstream" models to their line up - suddenly aspirational middle managers could afford them and BMW's sale rocketed.

This unfortunately resulted in an odd kind of snobbery - suddenly Nigel in his 316i thought he had "made it" and drove in a way that reflected his "status" - BMW became the car of the c0ck and many jumped on the bandwagon, partly damaging the brand.

The release of the E9* saw the 3 series grow up with base spec models being fairly well specced but all were expensive to buy yet cheapish to run - lease car heaven.

So you have a car that even in the lowliest spec costs 25k - a lot of money for a fairly low powered car. Owners clearly want to justify this high cost of what is basically a decent car so get very narked at anyone with a "bigger" engine that appears to look down on them.

However these people are still snobs - they spent a lot on a car and are happy to mock Mondeo owners and similar. Yet they are also very sensitive to comments from the "six pot" boys and girls telling people they have more or less the "same" car. Most don't bother doing the same with M3s as they know they are very different.

3 series owners have also become obsessed with tech and will use this as a "weapon" to outdo others - "mine has a NASA space station control system, yours doesn't, ner ner" etc - it's all about snobbery.

However this website generally attracts the "good" owners. Ones that bought the car to enjoy, because it's well made - all for the "right" reasons.

But occasionally a few "chip on shoulder" merchants will wonder in and get stroppy when anyone suggests they drive a pretty mainstream car.

You can't win.