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Originally Posted by 07szim View Post
Constantly having to fix the wheel after bumps
At first I didn't understand this, but I think you mean that the car's direction is upset by the bump and you have to correct it by turning the steering wheel.

Did these suspension problems creep up on you gradually? Do you have Active Steering? Your tires aren't flat are they?

At 85K, it's possible that the problem is caused by everything (shocks, bushings) being worn out a little. But, from your description it sounds so severe that I think something may be wrong.

Step one is to get a technician (a real one) to drive your car and experience the issues over bumpy roads. Then he should carefully look over the suspension. Besides visually checking everything, and doing an alignment, he can quickly check bushings to see if they have failed.

Then if nothing's wrong, you can decide if you want to start replacing stuff. We can help you with that when you get there.

Try Yelp and find a good shop.