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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post

I was between a 370Z and the 335i. The 370Z is a lot of fun, very exciting but the road noise is killer. According to a review I read, the air extractors are somewhat to blame - they are not shielded properly from noise:
Those 19" low profile tires don't help either.

Everybody's different, but the insurance for me on the 370Z was very high, much more so than the BMW.

My thoughts on the G37 - never drove one, but it is very popular and has good reliability. Great exhaust note. There are a ton of them on the road, however, so it's not all that unique. I think the BMW 3 looks much sharper.
I also looked at the 370Z seriously but decided I couldn't live without backseats, even though I only ever need it once in a long while. But they aren't really in the same price range though, a 335i is at least 10K more when optioned.