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I had a 2005 G35S sedan 6MT for 39 months. I really loved that car. Only had two minor problems with it. Burned CDs would get stuck in the changer if you didn't get a Sony Audio CD (it's true) and the cruise control caused my engine to stop dead once while traveling at 85MPH (could not replicate it). Besides that, I had no complaints. In 39 months of driving in NYC, I never popped a single tire. In fact, when I lease returned the car, they were still running the tires that came with the car. I've blown 5 tires in my 3 in 9K miles. Every time I hit a pothole it feels like a bomb goes off under my car.

There is no doubt a 335i drives better than a G. The question is are you willing to gain say a 10% difference in performance for likely problems with your car. I've gone through 3 HPFPs, FIs, 1 L7 stereo, headlight assembly, and a bunch of other items in 17K miles now. I owned an E36 325i and that had its share of problems too. The one major drawback I see to a G is the mileage. It was awful. It's something to really consider with prices for 93 getting closer to the $4 range.