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had a 04 g35x sedan for 7 years before i got my 09 335i....two completely different cars in many ways (not just the fact that one was a sedan and the other a coupe) but i like them both

one of the reasons i got the 3 was because i wanted a change....i was very tempted by the g37x coupe for all the reasons people have stated (reliability, pretty much the same power, more tech, cheaper)....but i was willing to sacrifice some reliability for a change....they are both great cars but each has its faults

i also don't like the back of the new g37 coupes....the old g35 coupe was very aggressive all around, the new G coupe's are way to curvy in the back. I have to say that i loved the way the G sounded when driving can hear that exhaust note inside the car without having to put the windows down and its a very deep growl which is what i like

in the end i went with the 3 and i don't regret that decision...its a great car and so far (*knock on wood*) nothing has gone wrong with it
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