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Okey, I've ordered another ballast. I'll try that first, if it does not I can return it.

I got a friend in the US, so he can help me

Update: I received a new ballast, HID kit H7 for my new headlights. No error and no error canceler needed. This is maybe because of the ASIC technology.
They look like this (picture below).

What are ASIC Controllers?
An ASIC ballast uses an ASIC chip controller with real-time lamp-monitoring & power compensation and Ballast protections, Under 0.5% low defect rate & over 3 years ballast life. eliminating the need for error cancelling attachments.

ASIC Can-bus ballast (no error messages on dashboard on BMW, mercedes VW etc).
ASIC chip controller, only HELLA & Matsushita use this analog type inside of HID ballast in the world.

But I cant be 100% sure if they work on your car. But they might. They did on my car and I had some problems earlier.

I hope this information was useful!

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