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G37 vs 3

OP: Several months ago I decided that I was going to buy a new car, it came down to the G37x coupe and the 335i xdrive coupe. I also test drove a G37x sedan. The infiniti is a nice car, lots of tech gadgets standard (though I think they may have changed exactly what is considered standard for 2011, don't quote me on that though), nice growl to the exhaust, fairly good steering feel not to mention about 8 to 10K cheaper when similarly equipped.

Here's what I didn't like:
I loved the lines of the G35, not so much for the G37. As others have stated, I just think it's TOO curvy, it doesn't carry the same aggressive, sporty appeal that the 35s did when I first saw them. I could never get myself to fall in love with the looks. I also found that the G had some terrible blind spots, it just felt like I was doing way too much neck cranking to get a decent view when merging on the highway or switching lanes around town. I also feel like there are too many buttons for the functions advertised. I think you have 3 different ways you can navigate through various menus, (touch screen, scroll wheel, steering wheel buttons etc.); some may like the "diversity", I find it annoying. Give me one button per function and a single method of control in a comfortable location that makes sense, aka less clutter. The instrumentation color scheme got on my nerves when I test drove at night. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of blue LEDs, but I don't think they belong in a car's "cockpit", YMMV. The trunk space just sucked in the coupe, no way around it. I remember popping the trunk and just laughing while the salesman tried to show me how folding down the seats gave me "a bit" more room. The steering feel wasn't BAD, but I found that it gave me kind of a numb feeling, almost like the power steering was working too hard along with me, I don't know if that stacks up with what others feel, just my opinion. The brakes are also very touchy (at least on the sedan and coupe I drove), at the slightest tap it would throw the salesman and myself forward in our seats. This one's kind of nitpicky but I felt like each of the model trims was almost preconfigured for me, not a lot of interior/trim or option choices. This probably doesn’t matter for some, but I personally have no use for parking sensors or a backup camera on a sedan/coupe (I drove a large Toyota Tundra previously, so if I have problems driving a little coupe, I'm in trouble!), aka I really wanted to choose EXACTLY what I wanted and didn't want, not come close.

Fwew that was a mouthful! As far as the 335i went, as soon as I saw the SA pull it out of the covered storage lot, I just felt giddy. I loved the lines, the stance (although a bit high in xdrive trim, not a deal breaker) and the new angel eyes amongst other things. I had never driven a BMW before and I knew after the test drive that I was going to end up with this car. The G37 is by no means a bad car, I spent a lot of time trying to convince myself to just get it and save the money, but it just wasn't the car for me. Overall, the looks, feel and ability to choose exactly what options I wanted (despite the price for doing so) really won it for me. O yes, and the amazing low end torque at such a low RPM (the G really can't answer back to that IMHO), wowee!!

So I apologize for the novel I just wrote, if I read over a post where you said you have test driven one then I apologize, but it's the best thing I can recommend! Each car is easy to like, and obviously it boils down to your personal preferences; just thought I'd share my experience!! Good luck!!