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Progman 25.01.00

You really need to be sure your dealers or you are not truncating the PROGMAN version numbers and use Target data Status numbers where ever possible. Most likely all thos claiming 25.02 or 25. 03 or 25.04 are really referring to 25.00.01 .... 25.00.04. Now 25.01.00 is out.

SI B 61 03 05
General Electrical Systems April 2007
Technical Service

This Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. B61 03 05 dated March 2007.

designates changes to this revision

Software Errors Corrected with Progman

E90, E91, E92, E93 (3 Series)

Vehicles produced up to March 30, 2007

Customer may complain of the following:

The following software errors were corrected with the release of Progman 25.01.00 (Target data Status E89x-07-03-520). Only software errors that are corrected with the last 2 Progman versions will be listed.

CCC (Car Communication Computer) equipped vehicle, the SDARS (Satellite Radio) stored station list is intermittently empty since programming with Progman V25.00.00.

Poor RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) reception. The CID (Central Information Display) is constantly displaying "Transferring Messages" since programming with Progman V25.00.00.

After vehicle programming PDC (Park Distance Control) FC 9e28 is stored. Carry out a power cycle (ignition Off/On) and clear the fault memory.

The following software errors were corrected with the release of Progman 25.00.00 (Target data Status E89x-07-03-515).

If there is an incoming telephone call while SVS (Voice Input System) is active it is not possible to accept or reject the call.

A loud humming noise can be heard from the auxiliary fan when the vehicle is idling.

The automatic transmission enters "Failsafe" mode during a 5-4 downshift. EGS fault "AF8D – ratio monitoring 5-4 gearshift plausibility" is stored.

CCC: The programmable diamond MFL button does not work when set to "Next entertainment source" when vehicle is in motion.

CCC: The customer occasionally has poor radio reception after the vehicle was programmed with Progman V23.x or V24.x.

The speedometer and tachometer needles shake when the vehicle is idling.

CCC: Slow response to inputs made when using controller after startup.

CCC: A high frequency whistling noise intermittently can been heard in radio mode

CCC: Navigation system pop-up arrow display missing. Refer to SI B84 61 06.

CCC: CD/CDC track advances after key cycled. Refer to SI B65 32 05.

SDARS (Satellite radio) receiver fault "A537 – Sat aerial short circuit" is stored.

The following software errors were corrected with the release of Progman 24.00.00 (Target data Status E89x-06-12-510).