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Originally Posted by 07szim View Post
If I am going to replace something and they find something. Should I opt out of oem and get better supermarket?
If you are going to replace something, it may be a good idea to upgrade it to the M3 part. The M3 parts are still BMW original parts, but use stiffer rubber, or the rubber is eliminated in favor of a bearing. If you decided to replace subframe bushings I personally would use the M3 bushings.

But in principle you will be able to fix the problem you're experiencing, without upgrading. If your originals lasted 80K, that's very good.

For example. Suppose it turns out your tension strut bushing popped, like Marcelo suggested. You could get a replacement tension strut from me or someone else here for very cheap, because we upgraded to the M3 version and have the originals lying around.

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