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I'd just go with the madcatz for 150 + 20% discount. Any more and I'd look at a custom MAS stick. As far as madcatz, I haven't purchased one personally, but I have one my friend lent me. One of the only flaws with the madcatz is that it's 8 way joystick.

Advance of MAS stick is that you get to customize everything. When I purchased my stick like 5+ years ago, I was able to get a perfect 360 joystick + convex buttons (also can choose concave). I was also able to customize my colors. You can also get the MAS stick with multiple cords; I did Dreamcast + PS2 when I bought mine.

Not trying to convince you to buy one brand or the other; just have more experience with MAS.

As far as teams, I would suggest looking at the guide I linked out in previous post. The game is still new so lots to be figured out still. My friend got the game last Saturday and he says people online are scrubs. And the gameplay is more keep-a-way right now than rushdown since people don't understand the characters too much yet.

Bro... we gotta play. You on PS3 or XBOX?