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Originally Posted by Kevin@AKMotorwerk View Post
i think most places quote between 6 and 10 hours. without a factory cooler they need to remove the charge pipe and intake manifold, then replace your oil filter housing with the one meant for a factory oil cooler with the thermostat and outlet for the hoses, then run the hoses, remove the bumper, remove the crash bar, ect. its a time consuming job for sure
Don't forget the microfilter housing (cabin air filter,) and engine air filter housing. Last thing I can think of is transferring the oil pressure switch from the old oil filter housing to new housing replacing the sealing washer, (the dealer I went to said I had to buy the whole switch, $9 dollar something at wholesale.) If you don't have the sport package, you will need to change the right side fog light. You can verify that the one you need has a lens that is glass and has a part number on it. (I made two trips to a dealer because realoem was wrong and stated I had the correct foglight when I didn't, the wrong one is plastic with no part number. I wanted both sides to match, and so I took the chance and ordered the right side one first, and then the left. The glass one's reflector sits much closer to the lens.) My car doesn't have the sport package.

You can get yourself a dremel at Kmart to do some of the cutting very quickly. If I could install a Dinan one myself, someone who's last work on a BMW was installing mud flaps and a little trim edge guard 3M tape, you can probably do it also. You can always ask me if you have questions. I ended up taking out the throttle body as well (You should replace the gasket from the throttle body to intake manifold.)... Be sure you go and buy the three bolts for the oil filter housing as they are one time use. I'm betting some are just reusing these, but since the part is aluminum, you have to use aluminum fasteners, and these "stretch" upon tightening.