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Originally Posted by acj75 View Post
Will do. I just need to pick up a few tools that Michael had. My oil and filter were nasty. From now on I'm doing it every 5k like Chad said.
I forgot to post this earlier but think it might be relevant to the topic.

I did my first oil change at 7,300 miles. This was the factory-fill Castrol and I was concerned about the life of the oil, especially with the computer reporting I had another 6,000 miles to the next change. I sent this sample off to Blackstone and paid extra for the TBN analysis to try and determine if the additive package in the BMW oil was really good for 15,000 mi OCIs.

Aside from some extra fuel from what I suspect was a small leak at the HPFP, everything looked good. The fuel smell went away a while back and the Blackstone report seems to hint that 10,000 mile OCIs are just fine for the German Castrol.

Tischer sells the BMW oil change kit for $80 shipped. Even if that price sounds a little steep, you could potentially double the amount of time between changes by sticking to the German Castrol.

I don't know how long the Mobil1 0W40 oil lasts in our cars, but it seems to be the only widely-available oil that meets BMW LL-01 specs. I know I couldn't count for much more than 5,000 miles on their 5W30 in LSX engines since it tends to shear down so quickly.