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Originally Posted by Imperator View Post
I think 7500mi intervals are good for our tuned cars and it allows BMW to pick up the tab on every other oil change. I was surprised to see how long the additives last in the BMW Castrol oil, considering how hard and hot our cars run.

Has anyone had to add oil between changes? I know it's a common thing on the ///M cars but the N54 doesn't seem to burn oil--it just spits it through the PCV.

I'm curious what the factory intercooler looks like when it comes off. I'll install a BSH catch can if it looks like the intercooler or charge pipe is starting to collect oil.
I've had to add oil 2 twice in the last 20k miles. I'm not overly concerned but it makes me pay a little more attention to consumption.

As for the Mobil 1 0w40. I've used that oil for over 100k miles in my S4 as well as many other S4 owners. Most that did the blackstone analysis, saw that 7,500 was close to the limit. I think one guy did try around 8,000 miles it was beginnning to show signs that it was too long. I changed after 4000-5000 miles and never had a peep out of that motor due to wear. I'd say in this car, with average aggressive driving, 5000 miles should be a problem. I was more than average aggressive 2 to 3 nights a week for 3-4 yrs.
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