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Originally Posted by jcamber View Post
Hi everybody! another fellow DFW driver here. I need to take my E90 for service as I'm getting the SES light and the following codes

2CFB - Throttle valve adaptation value
2D09 - Butterfly valve
2CFD - Throttle valve adaptation value missing

I have been going to Moritz in Arlington for scheduled service, up to the point when my warranty expired (July of last year). I'm now wondering what dealer might be the best to take care of issues as the one I described above so basically I'd like to hear from you if you like your dealer or not and why... I'm looking for an honest place that's not going to charge me an arm and a leg for resetting codes and call it a "fix" ..

just a quick update on the fixes above. It was the throttle body. THankfully the fix fell under CPO warranty and only had to pay $50 for a $650 repair . The bad news was, my Kensington Liquidaux kit was taken out of my car. I left a message to my SA and he never returned the call so I guess they don't care much for petty theft going on at their dealership. I'm careful to take valuables out of the car but an ipod cable... really? anyway, whoever did it felt he needed to bother to even unstrap the remote off the steering wheel. That feels like pretty low for a BMW dealership.