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Originally Posted by jcamber View Post
just a quick update on the fixes above. It was the throttle body. THankfully the fix fell under CPO warranty and only had to pay $50 for a $650 repair . The bad news was, my Kensington Liquidaux kit was taken out of my car. I left a message to my SA and he never returned the call so I guess they don't care much for petty theft going on at their dealership. I'm careful to take valuables out of the car but an ipod cable... really? anyway, whoever did it felt he needed to bother to even unstrap the remote off the steering wheel. That feels like pretty low for a BMW dealership.
What dealership was this?

For those doing oil changes...after burning my finger on the hot oil and making a small mess on my garage floor taking out the drain bolt, I looked into a few options and came upon the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve. Looks like it's pretty popular online, especially with some of the VW folks. Some cars have the drain bolt facing down and so I read some reviews where they bottomed out and knocked the drain loose. Our cars have it on the side, so we should be fine. There are various reviews with people using them for years and on all different cars and they swear by them.

Pics -

There's 2 versions, 1 with nipple and 1 without. Nipple lets you attach a hose. For our cars we also need the extension. I found a 10% off coupon online. I'm going to order one for my car and shipping is $5 plus $1 for each additional one. If anyone want's to split shipping w/ me let me know!

Price after Discounts: Normal - $26.95 Nipple - $29.65
Shipping: $5 for first, +$1 after

Discount Code is YM4.

Lemme know!
RIP e92. New project is ALIVE!

Updated Pics!