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Originally Posted by erensf View Post
I have been looking online for extended warranty options and I found the attached documents which may help you with the pricing of extended warranty and maintenance plan upgrade options.

MPU is Maintenance Plan Upgrade and EVP is Extended Vehicle Protection. The car category list is in the MPU pricing file, here is a snapshot showing the 3 series list:

These are from one of the BMW dealership's website. They are generous enough to show the dealer pricing on the extended service agreements (MPU pricing file), they have a $750 margin on each plan.

I'm also attaching some sample plan contracts with detailed information on coverage.
I can tell you that that grid above appears to be over MSRP. Nobody should pay above MSRP, you can get MSRP from anybody. Keep the prices honest, before your original warranty runs out, have a finance manager at any dealership read your key. A grid with MSRP will be spit out. Once you see those prices, you will have a starting point with which to work with. It's not as easy as buying a new car, but some dealerships will discount 10-20%, sometimes over the phone.