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Originally Posted by orangedawg View Post
I have tried adjusting steering angle sensor (turned wheels lock to lock) to no avail. I have also cleared all codes using BavTech tool, and then error still pops up (the transfer case clutch position unknown errror). I can't recall if I've checked all the fuses. I think I have but I can re-recheck.

I think it may be that servo motor. Has anyone changed theirs? Can you get to it without removing the transfer case?
Hmm. You have to search for it in the BavTech tool. I think it is under Power Steering. (I'm really not sure if this helps, but in the opening screen sellect the MSD80/MSD81 and at the bottom the DXC or the top one with the X, can't remember the last letter, but definitely not DSC.) I'm not sure if clearing all the codes does the trick, but after I found the "Steering angle sensor" somewhere and clicked (send) it asks to align the steering wheel straight ahead. After you align the wheel as straight as possible and click (continue, I can't remember exactly, it will tell you to cycle the ignition off then on.) After this, all three errors disappeared on my display.

I found out about doing this from the Bentley Manual, and hoped it would get rid of all the issues after installing an oil cooler retrofit, (Dinan,) and it did. It is part of the reinitializations you need to do after reconnecting the battery.