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Originally Posted by Brunotheboxer View Post
i have a question: I bought Klasse aio and sealant glaze but have not used them as of yet. i also bought jeff werkstatts acrylic jett trigger. my question is can i use the acrylic jett instead of the sealant glaze or is this a bad idea?

i am a little scared of the sealant glaze as i have heard of some bad experiences (i will use the wipe on wipe off method) and have also heard that the jett trigger is a reformulation of the klasse and is much easier to use.

basically when i do my spring detail on my silver bmw i want to wash, clay bar, use an aio product and then use a sealant. is that a good strategy or do you have another recommendation. thanx in advance george.

Bruno - OC 335i nailed it on the head. I like to do the same routine with vehicles that do not need an abrasive polish. Both the Klasse products and the Werkstatt products are polymer based products so they are fine to build upon each other.

Originally Posted by OC 335i View Post
Bruno, that's great. AJT works fine after KAIO. KAIO is pretty much a good base for anything.
Good advice OC

Originally Posted by ATD1 View Post
Hey George,

Looking for some advice from a pro. Just picked up my BMW 335i JET BLACK (non-metallic) and the dealership did a number on the car when they "detailed" it. Anyway its only been 2 weeks and I haven't washed it yet and the swirls are very noticeable but even worst are these hideous buffer holograms (trails) that they left behind.

I'm going to make the investment in the PC7424 and whatever else you think I may need (wax, pads, glaze, polish...etc.) and of course I'll send you the biz I just need some guidance on a good year round detailing package. I know there a mountain of products out there but I'm sure you have some great suggestions especially for black paint. I'm looking for a complete system of products. I see a lot of guys lean toward the Menzerna products but I was wondering what your advice would be to get this car looking the way it should.

If you'd like you can just shoot me a 3352GO I too am a detailing dweeb.

Thanks for the help.

ATD1 - That's a shame that so many people are experiencing horrible dealer preps. For those reading this post and having purchased their new vehicle yet, I encourage you to tell the dealership to NOT prep your vehicle and perform the new vehicle prep yourself as outlined in picus' great new car prep thread. I will shoot you a PM right after this post with some information on how to get your car back to new condition and properly maintaining it from here on out.

Thank you once again for the positive feedback on the website. If you like this one, we just started the planning process of a fully customized new site due out around Fall of 2008. If anyone sees any features, tutorials, pictures, videos, etc. they would like to see added to our next redesign, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Originally Posted by Pfieff View Post
welcome aboard killer.....i gotta stop down to the shop and pick up a couple things this week, the s2000 is dirty once again...shoot me an email when you get a minute and let me know how your week looks.
Greg - Sounds great, I actually have a great idea for your car, if your interested. Check your email in a little bit.