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2005 320i m sport warning light issues

Dear All,

At this point i would like to thank so many people for adding to this forum, i am new, first day and i'm here because 3 days ago my engine warning light came on with the half full display too, looked in manual and states a exhuast emissions issue. Local service guy who serviced the car 3 months ago, plugged it in and came out with 2 print outs, valvetronic this and that, nothing of real note without further investigation. The light did go out, FOR about 2 days, and returns, he then took it to a friend of his who has the BMW bits to find out what the issue is, apart from pulling everything apart and looking for something strange he advises a new ECU and a bill of about 1000!............................shocked, still lets be positive i search the internet and find 700 odd posts regarding similar issues to my 320i. I have juddering, 2 symbols lit, poor mpg blah blah.

I just dont know what to do next, it sounds as if it could be anything from fauly oxygen sensor, coils, cam sensor, injectors, software arrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh

any guidance, advice, a hug would be more than appreciated at this point!

regards and best wishes, keep up the good work