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Originally Posted by nextm5 View Post
Thanks Panda its very comforting talking to Joe and Derek today. There very understanding, and I can tell there on the ball.
They don't call me Kobe for nothing!

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You're a good man Mr. Yip, I dont care what Jerry says about you!

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I must make it out to you guys... I have LOTS of things I want done and need to discuss in person.....
its just that I'm the shit, so I'm always busy...

on another note, Derek, that favor I did you last week, is it gonna happen or wha???
Nice white font Vin

Come by, please.

Favor- full steam ahead.

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ahhh derek i miss coming by

weathers finally decent now, have my calendar ready while i drop my car off someday that is LOL
Romiie- stop coming by at lunch time!!