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Originally Posted by orangedawg View Post
I've got the BT tool (just the enthusiast, or whatever the non-coding one is). Can you do the align steering with that version of BT? I can give that a try as it will be worth it to see as opposed to replacing servo motor (whihc I am prepared to do, just want to figure this out). I've also got the Bentley so I'll look it up in that.
I don't know for sure because I have the pro, but you better be able to otherwise I'd feel the enthusiast version is not very useful at all! I think it's a common task to disconnect the neg cable of the battery!!!! Coding is something more like if you were to replace a DME I believe. Go to page 121-12 in the Bentley manual to see all the stuff you should do just for disconnecting the neg cable, (this is electrically the same as removing and installing a battery, but you have to register this UNIQUE BATTERY if you replace it with another one!)