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Originally Posted by Saigon View Post
honestly i don't. a good player will be good with all of the characters, not just 3. cause once you lose against someone you can choose another 3 that may be able to win. not saying i'm good but i try to play with all the characters
I kind of agree with that statement. A good player understands all the characters but only need to be good with a couple of characters/teams. If you spread yourself too thin and become a jack of all trades but master of none; those who have honed their skills with just 3 characters will likely outclass you and win. And although this game is more balanced than MvC2, not all characters are created equally; as much as they try it's just not possible. There will be top tier characters and low tier characters; just not sure who is what yet. As for right now, learning all the characters isn't a bad move.

One thing about this game I haven't played around with yet is X factor. I hear X factor when you're on your last character is overpowered; you do crazy bonus damage. Can easily turn the game around and counter a victory. I hear management of your x factor is a big part in this game; to save it up for your last character (ace in the hole) or use it up with first two characters.

I played about an hour last night. Game is very different than MvC2. Need to get used to the controls. Only tried 3 teams in training yesterday. I don't understand the dynamics of this game at all yet. Need to put in some hours to learn soon.