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You will have to replace the three rivets on the wheel well's underpanling. I stopped by the dealership and picked them up on way home from work.

The Grommet is redesigned and has a more generous netting around it. The original part has really thin netting and gets clogged with accumulated algea-type slime. (You can clean original one off and it should work again)

Washer Pump Grommet
P/N: 61 66 7 006 063 ($ 2.95)

Expanding Rivet (need x3)
P/N 51111908077 ($.30)

New reservoir fluid.

If you can change a tire, have a set of Torx Screwdrivers and a set of metric sockets you can do this. I did it my apartment's parking lot.

Jack the car up, remove the tire. Start taking off the underpanneling. Just work patiently and you'll be fine.

I wouldn't pay the dealership to do this when they charge $120 an hour on labor (@ 3hr job by their books). A local mechanic can probably do it much cheaper if you are uncomfortable doing it. Just print off the DIY and bring them the parts and they'll do it for you.
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