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Originally Posted by urfankhaliq View Post
Firstly apologies for the lack of technical terms on this one but please bear with me...

yesterday, driving to work on the motorway all of a sudden I get a orange triangle in a circle i think (think its the traction control light?) came on and also the tyre light (the one with an exclamation mark within a U type thing)...

I know that doesnt really make sense but if it does to anyone can you tell me what it means??

I stopped at services, switched car off and back on and lights were gone.

Im pretty sure the exclamation mark icon was the reset icon when you put air in tyres. checked air in tyres and all were ok (2 bar at front and 2.4 bar at back)

Any ideas?
same thing happened to me last week but my tire light didnt go off, checked the tire pressure and everything was fine so just did a reset and it fixed itself. and the triangle appears when the temps are really low.