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Originally Posted by nezoat View Post
I just use the wire guide info I found in this thread, and as you suspected, there is a mistake in the polarity. Both the front Left/Right have a Brown/Orange wire which is actually (+). Just reverse the polarity of the L/R front and you'll be fine. I discovered this after testing with a voltmeter using chasis ground as the reference point. The (+) wires carry about 70% of the balanced voltage and the (-) wires the other 30% (relative to chasis ground, mind you).

While it was wrong, my Kicker 2006 zx700.5 amp was confused all to hell and sounded OK but there was no stereo separation in the front channels until I corrected the polarity. Also, strangely, my fader and balance on my e90 HIFI didn't work quite right. I guess these balanced signals REALLY get weird when polarity isn't right.
Hi Neozat, I happen to use the same amplifier in my e90 2009 but, unfortunately, I am facing a problem with no solution so far: every time my car stops the engine at stoplight for instance (auto start-stop engaged) the amplifier keeps working but the moment the engine starts again the amplifier stops for a few seconds - pretty annoying, I guess it needs to much juice from the there a way to change this behavior?